my purse & me.

Two and a half years ago I didn't even carry a purse. I stuffed my cash in my front pocket and my credit card in my back pocket. We didn't have a car so I never drove. I was responsible for nothing and no one. I was free as a bird. & thus, purse-less.

Today I proudly lug around this gorgeous work of art.

And in it, pieces of my new identity. No longer free as a bird, but happy, yes happy as a clam.

Baby wipes - I am a hand-washer and a boo-boo healer.

Little swimmer's 50 SPF - I am a skin protector and a swim teacher.

Size 2T undies - I am a boy mom and a potty trainer.

Island Margarita hand sanitizer - I am a day dreamer and a wishful thinker. (& if I can't have a margarita, I might as well smell like one!)

Sunglasses - I am a sun worshipper and a lover of the outdoors.

Headband - I am an improviser and an every-other-day hair washer.

Crumpled up napkin - I am a cleaner of spills and wiper of mouths.

Plastic fake vampire teeth - I am an entertainer of a 2-year-old and a goofy little girl at heart.

What's in your purse? What does it say about who you are?