big changes.

i own a dryer.

it's been four years.







my life is about to change. i know it's not the Mexican way. i know it's better for the environment, and probably for the clothes as well, to hang-dry. But now? I HAVE OPTIONS.

If I feel like hang-drying, so be it. And if I don't? Then I will put those soppy clothes into that white tumbly machine and listen to the hum hum and then snuggle up with the pile of warm fabrics against my cheeks. and maybe i'll even toss a few socks up in the air just to celebrate their warmth and softness and non-crispiness.

that i will do.

and you know what else? in completely unrelated news? i now frequently fall asleep with the lights and the TV on in our bedroom and WITHOUT ear plugs. if you've ever had severe insomnia, then you know what a breakthrough that is. you understand how that is practically a miracle.

big changes.