weekend wrap-up + me like monday.

Happy Monday!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Ours was low-key, but lovely. Friday night we stayed in, watched Modern Family, and caught up on sleep. On Saturday I enjoyed an early morning run with Nora and crisp temperatures that dipped to the low 30s. Makes me miss winter runs on Oregon country roads. Sortof.

Solo-boy's best buddy turned two and (his parents) threw a killer bash to celebrate. With all the chaos I didn't really get a good photo of S with his friends, but here's one that shows off the jump house AND his tats.

Yesterday we took Solo-boy to a cute little park that exhibits art on Sundays. It was the perfect place for him to get some serious bike-riding in. He has gotten seriously good on this thing! (Forgot helmet at home. Parenting fail.)

And you definitely can't go wrong with ice cream after a bike ride!

Back to Me Like Monday & regularly scheduled programming!

1. Things we own:

~This bike is awesome. AWESOME. So worth the $90 bucks. It would be perfect as a 2nd birthday gift. I suggest printing out the picture and discreetly misplacing it on your parents' desk. He he!

~My favorite children's book is On the Night you Were Born by Nancy Tillman. I tear up every time we read it to Solo-boy. Love.

~Electric toothbrushes. We have the Sonicare Pro. (I should clarify: we EACH have the Sonicare Pro.) It's been 7 months since we converted and not a day goes by that I don't think to myself, "This was the best decision, evah!" My teeth thank me on the daily.

2. Link love:

~Found this link with recipes that hide vegetables for those of you who struggle to get your little ones to eat the green stuff. Or your husbands. Or you. (no judgment!)

~Check out Food52.com. Totally awesome! I have a friend who is a chef and she told me about this site. Basically it's a project that hosts weekly original recipe contests and then at the end of the year the winning recipes are published in a cookbook. Brilliant.

~I recently found this blog by Laura Leigh Parker. She and her husband relocated to Thailand with their three children to be missionaries. Her blog is very inspirational and very authentic. Which I love. This post about parenting on auto-pilot totally struck a chord with me. I think we all can relate, no?

~Remember my post a couple days ago about Mr. P and his clean freakishness? Well, it's not only cleanliness, he's also a master of organization. Since I can't really lend him out to clean all of your refrigerators like you so politely begged asked of me, instead I will share his all-time favorite get-organized websites:

Remember the Milk (It's totally won me over too!)

Evernote (revolutionizing!)

Check these out. You will forever thank me. I think.

3. Pretty things:

{Photo Credit}

I love this shop, Vivi Dot. Everything is unique, original, colorful and, best of all, reasonably priced for handmade jewelry. I look forward to the day when I own one of her pieces. Pretty sure this one wants to come home with me and live around my neck:

{Photo Credit}

Don't you agree?