psst... baby? we're getting ready for you.

This weekend was all kinds of awesome.

The kind where we spend time as a family eating chocolate cake and oreo ice cream, going on walks and playing games.

The kind where friends come over and bring the dinner.

The kind where we watch Rio in our jammies while daddy mows the grass.

The kind where we go to our friend's birthday party and stay a good four hours.

The kind where I don't have to cook at all.

The kind where we tackle projects around the house and go to bed with a feeling of accomplishment.

Diaper station set up and ready to go! Bring it on, yellow baby poo! (& also? I haven't changed a diaper in 15 months. Hold me.)

Hospital overnight bag and diaper bag packed! Little guy? Feel free to come any time now.

Mr. P built this toy storage system for Solo's room! Now all toys are located in one area. ::Breathes sigh of relief:: Each bin is sorted by genre (ha!) - balls, trucks, tools, games/puzzles, trains, train tracks, instruments, cars/motorcycles, & miscellaneous figurines. Solo can easily just grab the bin he wants, then clean up quickly and put it back. I love!

All of our organizing and purging has left us with some empty shelves... which kind of bothers me & makes me really happy at the same time.

Left: Mr. P re-painted our wooden chairs & bleached the cushions - there is one in Solo's room, too.

Right: Our new (used) Lazyboy rocker/recliner! This is the only "big" purchase we made for baby, which is incredible if you think about it. I never had a rocking chair - or a comfy chair at all - when Solo was a baby. I am already daydreaming about the sleepy nursing sessions and snuggles that will take place here. No more bouncing on the edge of the bed or trying to get comfortable propped up with pillows against a cement wall!

In a few weeks, when the mosquitos migrate wherever they go for the winter & spring, we want to start using our lovely yard and patio again. We have newly planted grass (I told you my husband is awesome...and sorta insane), a hammock, and a covered tile patio... which haven't gotten much use lately because of the mosquitos, and the random yard equipment scattered all over the patio chairs.

Enter super quick & easy solution!

You guys, it feels so good to sort things out and solve little inconveniences to make life feel more 'put together.'

Two weeks from today I just may be holding my little bundle of love. I don't know if I'll ever fully be ready for that. But I can't wait.


Also? Just to file under "things that take my breath away?" Yesterday at the birthday party of Solo's little buddy, after they broke the pinata, Solo had a handful of candy in his chubby little hand, maybe five pieces in all. He gave me one and said "This one's for you, mama." Then he gave me another one and said "This one's for my baby brother."