God reads my blog.

Remember that post I wrote about missing Fall?

Well, apparently God reads my blog.

It's been overcast all week!

And not only have we been blessed with clouds, but RAIN! And not only one hour evening downpours, but all-day-drizzly-rain. Two days straight now.

This morning I wore my raincoat with the hood cinched around my head and went to my favorite park to walk the 5k, just like every morning. Except today it was deserted. The parking lot near empty and the trails silent except for my own breathing. A little rain doesn't stop this Oregonian, but it sure as heck scares away the natives!

I'm loving it. I finally got to pull on my Uggs over the maternity skinny jeans that I apparently shouldn't have bothered buying since I'm having a baby in 10ish days.

But for today? I look cute. I'm wearing fall clothes and sipping a decaf americano at Starbucks as the rain falls steadily outside the huge windows.

I have today and tomorrow and then my boys are home for two weeks.

This pregnancy is almost over. New life is coming.

Can't wait.