a teeny weeny update.

My parents are here!

Four extra arms to clean & cook & bounce & hold & love & fold & snuggle & play.

Which (partly) explains my absence from this here blog. You know, that, & the tiny infant apendage I gained two weeks ago.

::TWO WEEKS! Tomorrow::

Things are going well. We are in a bit of a routine... as far as routine with a two-week old can go. We cluster feed in the evenings, I scarf down dinner, and we bathe Rainer at around 7pm. He has some alert time and then he and I retreat to a quiet, dim room to nurse and go to sleep together.

This has been my saving grace. Since his longest stretch of sleep is at the beginning of the night, I find I MUST take advantage of it and sleep with him in order to have energy for the multiple wee morning wake-ups. (it's been every 1-1.5 hours... eek.)


I'm practicing saying no.

I'm practicing asking for help.

I'm practicing self-care. And for me, self-care equals sleep. Lack of sleep is my numero uno anxiety trigger. So I'm being careful. And I'm being gentle with myself. And I'm still not thinking about tomorrow.

Today is all I have. This moment. Caring for my boys & me.

Happy sighs all over in this place.

Love to you all...